Cassava FinTech Partners With Mastercard To Develop Fintech Solutions To Boost Covid 19 Response


Cassava Fintech is collaborating with Mastercard to develop a travel pass, a digital health pass aimed at mitigating the risk of presenting falsified third party at access and transit points.

The travel pass is offered in conjunction with Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention or Africa CDC. The pass is accessible to users of Cassava FinTech’s Sasai Super App and is recognized as one of the leading initiatives in the fight against the cross-boarder spread of Covid 19 in Africa.

The partnership will be critical to enhance the security of Travel Pass through Mastercard’s Community Pass Platform which is an interoperable digital platform facilitating service delivery for marginalized individuals and communities thus including access to critical health services like patient care plan tracking for Covid 19.

The two entities seek to offer a unified solution with greater convenience and enhanced security, that is expected to promote safe cross boarder travel in Africa in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Darlington Mandivenga the CEO of Cassava Fintech said the partnership with Mastercard would pave the way for both companies to jointly tackle the challenges facing African Economies as they re-open post the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added that they are excited to work with Mastercard to explore solutions that will among other things mitigate the risks of falsified presentation of third party’s Travel Pass at access and transit points and that the same technology can be used in payment solutions.

On the other hand Mark Eliot, Divisional President, South Africa, Mastercard, said they are looking forward to joining hands with Cassava Fintech in exploring new solutions that will make a difference and benefit the continent. In addition to digital innovation for future travel, Cassava will also leverage our secure payments network to advance access to financial services.

The joint partnership will enable the two organizations to explore collaboration such as the further integration of the community pass with Cassava FinTech’s mobile and financial services, acquiring and processing of card payments across the continent, along with the introduction of a virtual or physical card on the Sasai SuperApp. Cassava Fintech is a Pan African business using an integrated model to drive financial inclusion and digital transactions across the African continent. Mastercard on the other hand is an organization that works to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible.