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How to Create an Uber for Business Account for Your Company

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With “Uber for Business” (U4B), businesses can create a company Uber account which onboards employees with a few clicks. This feature provides a clear view of all trip details from a single dashboard which employees can then connect with their accounts to request a ride.

With U4B you can:

  • Manage the account – View all your trip activity, manage billing, and set up how your employees and customers can ride.
  • Send rides – Accessible from the dashboard, Uber Central is where your team can request a ride for your customers.
  • Take rides – The Uber app is where your employees and customers get approved rides charged directly to your company’s Uber for Business account.
  • Review  – individual trip times, locations, vehicle classes, and your total Uber expenses. Plus, generate reports and review a roll-up of all your trip activity from a single dashboard.

Even if your customers or clients are without a smartphone (and the Uber app), you can send them a ride. And the driver will handle the rest.

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Send multiple rides simultaneously – Need to get a group of people to your office or your store? Now, it’s easy. Send multiple Ubers to multiple addresses with just a click.

1.  What is the importance of an offering like Uber for Business in this new normal – post transition through COVID-19?  

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As the face of modern transport changes as a result of the pandemic, so does the need for new methods of transit in how we commute for business. Accessing transportation for day-to-day client meetings and business travel to and from the airport and other points of interest in a timely, reliable and above all stress-free manner is of paramount importance, especially as mobility opens up again.

For many, the potential risks associated with public transport remain a deterrent for traveling to a physical office or business meeting. U4B offers an easier and safer alternative to get employees back to the workplace and business moving.

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2. What safety features and support is available with Uber for Business?

All existing safety features such as the GPS tracking, an In-App Emergency Button, Ride Check and Trusted Contacts, which riders can designate their line manager, for instance, to be prompted to share trip details during the business commutes or night-time trips. Along with the other features in the app, feedback is imperative to Uber, riders are encouraged to provide feedback post with every trip. Support is provided to riders through various channels in the app such as the 24/7 phone support or through in-app to ensure that every ride is seamless.

3. What additional benefits does an Uber for Business account offer businesses?

As a value-add, Uber partners with companies committed to reinventing travel, expense, and invoice management with tools that simplify everyday processes and create better experiences. They do this by automating the expense claim process and limiting the effort required for business riders to comply with company travel policies, not only is the traveller experience simplified and made easier, but it has clear bottom-line benefits for organizations by keeping travellers compliant.

4. Speaking of travellers, how does Uber for Business meet the needs of businesses hosting global visitors? 

The popularity of Uber is a natural consequence of the familiarity that many national and international visitors have with the Uber app. For global visitors to Kenya – particularly those on a first visit – the experience of arriving in the country can be somewhat intimidating, so the familiarity of Uber, combined with the convenience of being able to input your destination without any language barrier challenges, makes for a very appealing proposition.

5. What is Uber Eats for Business, and what are the benefits of the service?

Uber Eats for Business allows companies to provide customized employee meal programs, managed directly from the Uber for Business dashboard.

For companies wanting to provide meals for employees who are working on a tight deadline, or spending late nights at the office working on an important project, Uber Eats gives them access to the food they want at the tap of a button. Uber Eats for Business is also ideal for team meals, or when the company is hosting guests, as many people are not comfortable with buffet-style meals in the COVID-19 era.

Solutions can be tailor-made to budget (how much will the company cover per order, per month, or per day?), delivery location, and delivery time.

6. What other tailor-made solutions does Uber for Business offer?

In addition to the Uber for Business product, businesses hosting various stakeholders for meetings, small gatherings or bespoke events have the option of offering attendees door to door rides using UberVouchers. This removes the hassle of searching for parking and the unnecessary admin associated with driving to events. To make use of this service, hosts are required to set up event details and distribute the fully customisable ride passes to guests. Moreover, smart pricing is enabled as companies will only pay for the rides that the attendees and guests have used.

Businesses can also purchase vouchers for Uber Eats, providing more versatility and flexibility in the way they offer meals. Whether it’s providing vouchers for guests attending a virtual conference, or adding a courtesy meal as part of their purchase to drive loyalty with customers, vouchers give you more control over what and how your organization spends, enabling you to provide meal options based on your needs.

UberVouchers are also a great way to thank employees for the continued hard work that they have put into their jobs while working from home – boosting morale and keeping them productive.

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