How to Make Gold in WoW TBC Classic


If you’re going to have a memorable World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic experience, you’ll need a lot of gold stashed in your back pocket. Simply put, you need gold to attain success at the highest levels of WoW TBC. 

So, here are some tips for making WoW TBC Classic Gold

Do your daily quests

Daily quests in The Burning Crusade Classic are one of the easiest ways to gather WOW TBC Classic Gold. While many players complete them to unlock items with their factions and gain reputation, they carry gold rewards that you wouldn’t want to ignore. 

Different dailies offer different amounts of gold as rewards. Since you probably don’t have enough time to complete all of them, you should prioritize those that offer more. For instance, the daily dungeon quests in Shattrath provide the highest gold rewards. 

Loot everything

Looting may not be the most effective way to farm WoW TBC Classic gold, but it’s still worth it, especially if you loot everything. Many players only loot stuff they need and deem valuable, forgetting the junk and grey items can fetch some extra coin at a vendor or in the auction house. Of course, you won’t be making mind-blowing amounts with each loot, but whatever little gold the unwanted stuff fetch will soon add up. 

Crafting or gathering for sale

While you craft consumables and other items for yourself, you can also craft others for sale at the auction house for a profit. First, you have to commit to a crafting profession. These require a lot of grinding, but if you’re patient enough, the practice becomes lucrative. 

If crafting items to sell is not your style, gathering can still earn you some gold. You just roam around picking stuff and sell it to players whose profession is crafting, but they lack time to farm the materials needed to level their craft. With new professions like Jewelcrafting, demand for iron ore is pretty high.

There are around a dozen professions in WoW TBC Classic, including blacksmithing, engineering, herbalism, first aid, fishing, jewel crafting, tailoring, mining, enchanting, alchemy, and cooking. They’re not equally lucrative, so you’ll have to pick wisely.

Skinning and jewel crafting make the most gold, but these are pretty expensive to level up. d. Alchemy, mining, tailoring, herbalist, and leatherworking will earn you decent to considerable amounts of gold. 

Use the auction house well

If you’re selling your loot and farmed material in the auction house for gold, it pays to know your server. Watch the market and understand what’s in demand and what performs poorly. This will help you decide how invested you should be in a particular profession. 

You can also use your knowledge of the server to perfect the ‘buy low and sell high’ strategy. 


Gold is pretty crucial to your TBC experience, and it helps to know how to make some. That said, I hope you find these tips helpful as you farm for WoW TBC Classic Gold.