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Windows 11: Android apps will run natively on the OS

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This was one of the big surprises of the Microsoft conference aimed at presenting Windows 11 . The operating system will bring many novelties including the possibility for the user to download Android applications.

If a lot of information was wandering in nature for several days, Windows 11 still managed to create surprise this week. Even if we knew it, the new operating system will be free for Windows 10 users . As a result, millions of people around the world will benefit from the new features unveiled this Thursday.

A real revolution for Windows

Thus, Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps will work natively on Windows 11. They will be downloadable from the new version of the Microsoft Store which will be directly included with the OS when it is deployed. To achieve this goal, the American firm will use the Amazon App Store (which usuThe vergeally acts as an alternative to the Google Play Store ) and Intel Bridge technology.

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During the presentation, Microsoft illustrated this novelty by launching the TikTok application on Windows 11. Others were listed as Yahoo, Uber, Ring and even a Final Fantasy game. It remains to be seen whether all applications will be well supported.

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