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Woman Alerted About Abnormally High Rate By Her Apple Watch


Woman was alerted about abnormally high rate by her apple watch.

Heroic tales of the Apple Watch saving people’s lives continue to surface. The latest story is about a woman who had no idea that she was having a heart attack until her Apple Watch alerted her about abnormal heart rates. As per the report, a woman from Michigan got to know about her heart attack only after reaching the hospital, well all thanks to her Apple Watch for alerting her about the same.

Diane Feenstra from Michigan was alerted about abnormally high heart rate by the Apple Watch. She called her husband to know if that is concerning, who then asked her to rush to the hospital.

She said:

“The day in question, April 22, I had 169 beats per minute heart rate even though the most vigorous exercise I had done was to walk up 12 steps. So I called my husband at work and said do you think this is concerning? And he said call your doctor,”

Upon reaching the hospital, doctors performed an EKG which revealed that Feenstra had a heart attack recently but was not aware of it.

She said:

“Unlike men who feel an elephant on their chest many times, a woman’s symptoms are very different. I had pain going down my left hand, I had a little swelling in my left foot, I had indigestion that I just explained away as acid reflux that I was experiencing as I got older. The biggest thing was a pain in my shoulder and I figured I had vacuumed and put my muscles out of whack somehow,”

The watch was right.

Soon after her getting the EKG done, Feenstra underwent more tests which revealed had a full blockage in the widow maker artery. She had to get a stent procedure done to treat the condition. Feenstra encouraged people to check their heart rate every morning as sometimes higher heart rates can lead to fatal conditions.

Earlier, a 78-year-old man credited Apple Watch’s fall detection feature for saving his life. He reveals that took a hard fall in his driveway and fell unconscious. Soon after, his Apple Watch detected the fall and 911 for help.

Mike Yager used in North Carolina told Fox News:

“The first thing I asked (the officer) was, “How did you guys know to get here?” and he said, ‘Your watch sent us a message.’ “And I said ‘What?” Yager’s wife who was not around when he took the fall said, “I wasn’t due to come home for another couple hours and who knows what would have happened when I got home.”