What to expect when you test email deliverability: average email open rate under analysis 


Do they read all you send: test spam and opening rate  

“If not enough people open and read what I send test spam or do what?” Many users ask this question but they probably should wonder about something a little bit different. When you test email deliverability for issues, what open rate do you expect to see? How high one’s open rate has to be to be called optimal? When companies put their campaigns through a test, they may find email deliverability satisfying. But whether it is really is a tricky question. Folderly is eager to help each of its potential and existing clients make head or tail of the matter. To do that we’ve prepared this article for you explaining the following aspects:

-can email open rates be of different kinds?

-what is the basis for the importance of minding individual email open rates?

-what email open rate can be considered great for your business?

Folderly has immense experience in helping its clients achieve their optimal average open rate. Now it’s time for us to share our knowledge with each of this article’s readers. Shall we start? 

How many people read what I send: test spam and the open rate types

Suppose, some b2b company runs an email marketing campaign. What delivery/open rate a test is expected to show later? B2b marketers often have the most optimistic expectations. Having measured deliverability and seeing it’s good, companies expect up to 80% open rate. However, later it may turn out that the average open rate is much lower. For that reason marketers are likely to start thinking they are failures in b2b. 

Unfortunately, many businesses do not understand one fundamental thing: there are different channels for content distribution. For instance, in case of the Social Media channel the open rate can reach up to 90%. On the contrary, for the Events channel your test will show the email open rate of 60%.  Delivery rates are just one side of the coin, as it turns out. No less important is to choose the right direction in which to develop b2b activities. Different channels have their own types of audience. Naturally, the more popular some b2b content direction is, the more competitors one has there. 

One of the most vital things is to find a way of getting through to this or that audience. Some prospects prefer more old-fashioned communication ways while others don’t. 

Folderly to improve your individual email open and delivery rate: why test luck?

Obviously, open rates are extremely important and should be minded. But how can one become aware of issues that are probably dragging them down? To do that, it’s usually almost impossible to do without a reliable website/deliverability/spam trigger word checker. Don’t you worry: Folderly has got it under control for you. We are always happy to provide our clients with powerful email delivery and open rate test software. The higher one’s open rate is, the better b2b leads are generated. As a product of b2b lead generation company Belkins, Folderly is extremely experienced in generating business leads. 

Now it’s time to learn how average email rates boost up cold b2b emailing-based campaigns. 

1) Being aware of what content distribution channel a marketer chooses and why makes it all clearer for him. It’s really helpful when a company has got not only some generic data on its b2b sales leads. Possessing certain knowledge in this or that area allows for the better understanding of a campaign’s goals and seeing potential hardships in advance. 

2) Being aware of how b2b works from the inside lets you prevent prospects from choosing some other company.

3) Dissatisfying data isn’t a threat anymore! You’ll start realizing that it’s just your industry’s average rate. 

 What else makes up a good email open/delivery rate: Folderly’s test software plus great tricks

On the whole, a b2b campaign lets no sale lead slip away from the sales funnel when run by persons with knowledge. Surely, there are many things combining which a company achieves great results from its activities. Not only a powerful spam/deliverability rate checker should be in your arsenal. Folderly has described some more important things related to an average open rate. Here they are:

1) Don’t bail on exploring spam filters. It’s highly recommended that their principles or work and most common triggers be learnt. Thus, planning how to stop being blacklisted will be child’s play.

2) Don’t forget about testing email deliverability and using spam check software. This always helps to become aware of the appearance of issues and take measures immediately.

3) Contacting clients and prospects shouldn’t stop simply because they are having a good time at the seaside. Don’t let seasonality stop your b2b activities, otherwise, low performance results are unavoidable.