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Using file: /// sdcard / you can see the files of your Android from the browser.

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The command “file: / sdcard /” can be used to access the files on your Android phone from the browser. You will be able to see what’s in your folders without having to use any file manager, even the one that came with your phone (if it comes with it).

This can be done using your preferred browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.

How to use file: to view your Android files /

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Follow the steps below to complete the procedure:

  • Open the browser of your choice.
  • Simply write “file: / sdcard /” in the address bar, including the slashes “/”.
  • Press enter (→) and voila, you will see the list of files in the root of your mobile’s internal storage.

You can put file: / sdcard / in Favorites

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Once you can see the files on your Android from the browser with file: / sdcard / you have the option to save the access in “Favorites” in this way:

  • With the browser at file: / sdcard / press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • At the top of the pop-up window, tap the star. It will be transparent at first, then turn blue when you press it, indicating that it has been saved to your favorites.
  • “Index of / sdcard /” appears when you open “Favorites.”

The advantages of viewing files from your Android with file: /// sdcard /

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Being able to do so provides several benefits:

  • It allows you to go straight to your Android’s root folder without leaving the browser or using a file manager.
  • If you’re downloading a file, for example, you can see if it was downloaded to the correct folder from here.
  • Hidden files, those with a name that begins with a period, are visible.

The trick also doesn’t work when trying to open files from an SD card. The internal storage folder, often known as the root folder of the device, is named “sdcard.” We recommend using a file explorer to view the files on the external SD.

It also works on the PC but it is written differently. To see the files on the hard drive “C:” from the browser type “file: /// C: ///” and it will show you the files.

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