Duolingo diversifies and develops math learning app for kids


The language learning app will expand its activity to children’s mathematics.

After hearing hundreds of people talking on their phones in a foreign language, Duolingo will allow you to listen to your children recite mathematical formulas.

It will take several months to enjoy

Eager to expand its skills and yours simultaneously, the company Duolingo recently announced that it is working on a new application. The CEO of the company, Luis von Ahn, said at the Duocon (the annual conference of Duolingo) that this new application is under development.

The arrival of a new app is not a surprise. In May 2021, Duolingo published a job offer to recruit an apprenticeship scientist with a PhD in mathematics. The proposal also mentioned that the future recruit would have to work with a small team on the development of a new application. Thanks to this announcement, we can estimate that the application will be aimed at children, given the knowledge requested.

There is currently no official information about the release date of this new service. Development is only in its early stages. It will therefore have to wait several months.