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Foreign Languages For Your Career in IT: Why It Is Crucial to Learn Them

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Do you want to be able to communicate with your international colleagues? Do you wish your company offered more opportunities for advancement in other countries? Does the idea of being fluent in a foreign language excite and intrigue you? Then learning that language is an excellent choice. Foreign languages are crucial for any IT professional who wants to advance their career or work internationally. In this blog post, we’ll cover why it’s essential that IT professionals learn a foreign language and how they can go about doing so.

Why Should You Speak Foreign Languages to Work in IT?

Let’s start with the fact that today the IT sphere is a dynamically developing industry practically all over the world. And development is always the cause of constant change. Therefore, the advisability of knowing English for people working in this field is no longer in doubt. On the one hand, proficiency in English is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to constantly exchange information with colleagues from other countries. That is why you have to find an appropriate online English tutor, who will guide you through the English proficiency test to learn your English level. Here they are:

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Credit: Preply 

The proficiency test is a clever way of measuring your knowledge in various areas. This includes comprehension, vocabulary size and spoken word fluency as if it were your mother tongue.

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After finishing one session it’s important that you find out if this person can help guide me towards meeting my objectives because there are many different ways tutors teach students depending on their style and background.

Why Is It Important?

  • Any programming language is based on words borrowed from the English language. In other words, after learning English, it will be much easier for a programmer to do his usual work;
  • Almost all specialized literature for IT specialists is created in English. At the same time, not all of it is translated into our native language (an even smaller percentage of it is translated correctly and understandably);
  • Only passing special certification in companies of such a level as Microsoft, CISCO, helps get a special status and a high-paying job. And this, as you might have guessed, requires knowledge of the English language;
  • The resolution of difficulties arising in the process of work requires the search for technical information. It is not always possible to find it on the Internet, while the English-speaking environment almost always allows you to find the right solution (primarily related to IT);
  • If you are ambitious and aim to build a career in one of the largest IT companies, then knowledge of the English language is a must. After all, the main offices of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other “sharks” of the IT-sphere are located in the United States. Moreover, even in their foreign offices, communication takes place in English;
  • Very often, foreign customers become clients of IT specialists. Communication (negotiations, drafting contracts and technical specifications, interaction during work) is carried out exclusively in English;
  • If you plan to attend a master class from a well-known IT guru or a valuable webinar for your activities, be prepared for the information to be presented in English;
  • Given that the description of all innovations, developments, and concepts arising in the IT-sphere is made in English, his knowledge ceases to be a whim but becomes an inevitable necessity.

Most IT professionals have a negative experience of learning English. Due to the abundance of advertising offers on the network urging you to learn English in a month. As a result, the desire to learn a foreign language fades into the background, and a persistent mistrust arises even in prestigious foreign language schools. And that’s okay. But believe me, turning to professionals in their field, you can learn English perfectly while receiving a prestigious certificate.

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Wrap Up

Learning a foreign language is not only beneficial for your career, but the benefits extend to all aspects of life. Being bilingual can be an asset for future employment opportunities and makes you more attractive in any job search process. Bilingualism has been proven to increase cognitive abilities like problem-solving skills, memory retention, and reading comprehension, so learning another language could help you on various levels! We hope this article gives you some insight into why knowing at least one other language may be worth the time investment now or shortly.

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