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How to Boost Your Small Business Security

by James Musoba
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Many small business owners assume that they are immune or unsusceptible to data breaches and physical break-ins because of their business size. However, small companies are actually more vulnerable to criminals since they are unequipped to handle these attacks. To safeguard everything you have worked for, it is important that you take every measure to ensure that all your assets are secure. Here are some ways you can enhance the security of your small business.

Assess your security system 

Before you start implementing security protocols or making physical office changes, you need to analyze first how your current security system is performing. Are your CCTV cameras outdated or brand new? Do you have effective digital security in place? Are your employees adequately informed on what to do in the event of a burglary or data breach? To effectively strengthen your security, you must be aware of every potential threat that your company faces. 

Educate your employees

Your employees serve as your company’s frontline of defense. All of them should be committed to making sure that your business is as secure as it could be. Educate your employees on the value of business security and ensure that they know what to do in the event of an attack. Provide constant training and remember to listen to their concerns, regardless of how trivial they may be. They may even have suggestions on how you can further improve your company’s security.

Consider delegating one of your employees to act as the point person who can manage or oversee all security matters. They don’t necessarily need to be a security expert, but they should be trustworthy and responsible enough to perform their duties properly.

Focus on cybersecurity 

According to a report,  60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyberattack go out of business within six months. To ensure that your digital assets are well-protected, make sure that you have an effective cybersecurity measure in place. Consider working with a security company to stay on top of your digital protections. It may be a costly investment, but it will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. In addition, remind your employees to change their passwords frequently and never share them with others. They should also be wary of any suspicious emails and never go to unreliable sites. Also, remember to invest in an anti-virus software program that can eradicate potential threats and update them regularly. 

Safeguard your physical assets

Aside from protecting your digital information, you also need to ensure that your physical offices are secured as possible. To do that, you can:

  • Invest in a security system that preferably notifies the police of intruders
  • Update or upgrade your door and window locks
  • Check your office before and after work for suspicious activities
  • Make sure that the outdoor landscaping is not blocking the entry points

Another option is to move some of your sensitive documents to a storage unit. Research your options and go with a reliable company with a strong security measure in place. You can check to find the nearest unit in your area. 

By taking precautions to protect your business assets, you are safeguarding your small company and providing yourself and your employees a safe and conducive working environment.

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