YouTube will pay up to Ksh. 1 million per month to content creators for videos posted on Youtube Shorts.


YouTube has confirmed that it will invest in Kenya’s newly launched YouTube Shorts. For short 15-second videos uploaded, the company has promised to pay content creators up to Ksh. 1.1 million per month.

YouTube has described the investment as a reward for content that generates the most views and engagement on the platform, with plans to set up a Ksh. 10.98 billion funds to be distributed between 2021 and 2022.

The money will be distributed as a bonus payment to thousands of eligible content creators each month, based on the performance of their videos throughout the month.

YouTube’s investment is currently only available in a few countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Creators can receive up to Ksh. 1.1 million ($10,000) based on viewership and engagement of their Shorts content,” YouTube said in a statement announcing the bonus payment plan. Channels must meet the minimum eligibility requirements, which are updated each month to allow other creators to be recognized for their creative and unique Shorts.”

This could be a huge motivator for content creators all over the country to focus more on shorts as opposed to longer videos. However, it will eventually assist YouTube in growing Shorts created to compete with TikTok, which currently dominates the scene.

Every month, the performance level required to receive a bonus payment will change. This is based on the geographic distribution of viewers as well as the overall growth of Shorts.

“The Shorts Fund is the first step in developing a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube, and it is a chance for creators to earn and grow their growing businesses as the world focuses on economic recovery,” continued YouTube in their statement.

YouTube’s funding initiative is similar to Snapchat’s, which has been paying Ksh. 100 million per day to creators for their most popular videos on its similar platform, spotlight.