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Autonomous Apple Car: What do we Know so Far?

by Joseph Richard
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According to a statement from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), two cars integrated with an autonomous driving system from Apple were involved in Minor accidents during the August Period.

Apple as a brand has been working on its Smart electric car and is not hidden from anyone. In 2024, thus project from apple is expected to kick off.

Two accidents within the same month

If you have been following most of Our Articles on Apple, We are sure by now you already know how Apple is Good at Keeping Secrets. Few information about this ongoing project has been brought into the limelight. However, thanks to the DMV, we now confirm with our own eyes that a Lexus RX 450h vehicle using an autonomous driving system from Apple was involved in an accident with a Hyundai car on 19th August. This happened in California, specifically San Diego

The second accident was witnessed not far from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. This took place on 23rd August. The apple car was involved with a Subaru model while still on Manual Mode. The good news is that in both accidents, no injuries were noted. However, this is the first time cars have been involved in an accident since September of 2019.

Apple has increased the speed at which they are testing of their Cars

Since 2017, Apple has been working on its autonomous driving software on Lexus RX 450h vehicles integrated with cameras and sensors. Compared to 2019, they covered 29,000 kilometers which was quite an achievement. For these accidents to occur within the same month, may it be a sign that the firm has increased the testing pace on its autonomous vehicles.

If Apple does not want to disclose information about its future car, it returned to the forefront at the beginning of 2021. A Hyundai spokesman explained that the Korean giant was talking with the apple brand for a possible partnership on the Apple Car. Discussions would nevertheless have stalled, and it is still unknown who will be chosen to carry out the assembly of the next flagship of Apple.

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