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Nova Launcher 7 moves to the final Android Version

It is no secret that Nova has been pushed to its 7th version. Nova seems to be upon its feet, especially after conducting a successful one-month beta trial.

Nova launch is again widely used by many Android users, yet the app developers promise to bring more features to this software.

New Novelties with the Nova version seven

The Nova launcher is one of the widely used Software in Android cell phones, and it has not shown intentions of stepping down right now. The software has been filled with exceptional components that mark the beginning of new life for Nova. After two years since the launch of Nova 6 back in 2019(March), the Nova 7 keeps a significant change for the application.

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First is the swipe-down functionality(New gesture command). It can play the role of an application and a shortcut at the same time. However, to fully gain the powers of this feature, you will have to upgrade to a premium version. To match its most recent changes, nova has offered itself a significant Visual refresh. In more detail, this improvement is allowed thanks to a base taken on the latest launcher code (Android Open Source Project) coupled with an updated Nova-specific code.

Other significant changes that can be noticed are the transformation of themes and icons, a segment that allows work applications in your smartphone to be displayed in a dedicated tab, improves search tool not forgetting that now you can change the angles of widgets located in the Widget Corner Radius menu.

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Last but not least, the search bar provides you with a keen weather icon. To access this, open the settings tab on Nova, Tap on search, navigate to the Desktop search bar and at last, you will see the weather

This is good news for all the followers of this launcher, proven from a beta version distributed via Discord. Considered reliable enough, you can always test it if you want. By the way, unlike previous Beta versions of Nova, there is no need to register to try a seventh of the name. A simple download from the Play Store, and voila, you have to experience the latest changes made.

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