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Is the Megabucks Slot Jackpot Winners Curse Real?

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If you’ve visited casinos or online betting sites, you have probably come across a story about the Megabucks slot game. Not surprising, since it is one of the oldest and most famous slot machines of all time. You might even have played it once or twice in hopes of landing the massive jackpot the game often advertises.

However, a less known fact is that many people believe the Megabucks slot game has a curse that is detrimental to winners. Take a look at the following and decide for yourself if you dare to win the world’s record-breaking jackpot slot.

Biggest Slot Wins

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Megabucks has easily paid out billions of dollars across the world in the years that its been around. In fact, the game currently holds the record for the biggest pokie win ever, at $39.7 million.

However, with legendary stories of these incredible wins, a number of tragic stories emerged as well. Could it be just a coincidence or is there really something to the curse of the Megabucks slot machine?

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Let’s start with the fun ones about missed opportunities.

The $8 Million Dollar Mistake

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This story has been confirmed, about a Vegas player who was too distracting chatting while playing the slot game. And on one fateful spin, he happened to forget to bet the three coins need to qualify for the jackpot. That was the spin the game decided to line up the jackpot winning combination. Only, instead of qualifying and taking home the $8 million, he left with only $10,000.

Cynthia Brennan – $34.9 Million Dollar Winner

 Perhaps the most notable tale about the Megabucks slot, is the story of Cynthia Brennan a 37-year-old waitress who won a $34.9 jackpot on March 11, 2000. However, only six short weeks later, she was in a car crash with a drunk driver, which killed her sister and landed her in a wheelchair. The accident also injured five other people.

Other Stories

 Cynthia Brennan was not the first or last winner of a Megabucks jackpot to suffer an unfortunate fate. According to urban legends there is also the case of an older player who suffered a heart attack and died mere seconds after hitting the jackpot and winning millions.

Then, there’s the story about story of a 26-year-old software developer who won $40 million, but died under mysteries circumstances shortly after. Many stories circulate about how he died. Some say it was a gang shootout, while others claim he overdosed in a hotel in Palm Springs. The real story was never confirmed.


At one point, the stories about the Megabucks curse became so insidious that the creator of the game, IGT had to issue a statement about it to improve the decreasing popularity of the game. To this day, the only actually confirmed story about the demise of a Megabucks winner, is that of Cynthia Brennan which is actually factual.

So, what do you think, is the Megabucks jackpot cursed, or is it merely the stuff of urban legends? Perhaps these stories were invented by a competitor of the thriving slot game.




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