The European Commission towards a Global USB-C charger: Is Apple Ready Yet?


The EC(European Commission), a branch of the European Union executive arm, wants to spearhead a common charger by putting an end to producing countless connectivity References. But if this is the case, Apple would have no other choice but to follow the turn of events.

The market gap for connectivity type of chargers is still very promising even though very Old. Thus, if succulent, this market would seriously affect many indiduals as per the enforcments from European Commission. In other instances, there would be a  profound negative effect on the environmenr due to the disposal of these chargers. Thus, Apple would be forced to use USB – C charger or drop the port entirely and go for Magsafe.

Speakers, Tablets, Headphones & Smartphones to calibrate USB-C

As per  Les Echos, the European Commission is currently working on a draft that would be initiated before the current week comes to a halt. The document would, of course, have a significant impact on the connected Objects and Smartphone market.

Yesterday 23rd September, explicitly, the EU introduced a document that ought to have a real motivator if it embraced war. The document? It requires various cell phone manufacturers to start equipping the phones with a mandatory USB-C charger. Likewise, this command from EC will severely impact speakers, smartphones & Tablets in return, but apple will suffer a stroke from the decision.

Apple on the radar of the EU

For sure, Apple can be seen as a Kindergarten child here, since it is the only organization that must be taught how to coordinate a USB-C port to its smartphones, specifically the iPhones because currently the manufacturer still favours the micro-USBs chargers  which once enjoyed the benefit of having the option to be connected in both directions

This commitment could be forced on Apple and other smartphone manufacturers who are not in trend two years from, count 2024. It is persuaded by a craving concerning from the Commission to reestablish fairness among all purchasers in the field but with an idea of limiting the pollution on the environment due to many used Cables or even chargers thrown away.

In the meantime, it would be better if we wait until the Commission’s task is revealed to which Thierry Breton(Internal Market Commissioner) is exceptionally sharp to submitting it to the European Parliament and afterwards to the European Council.