How to Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Close Browser Tabs (in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari)

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You can quickly close an open tab in your internet browser by using a detailed tab shortcut key. This is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and we’ll show you how to use it properly.

Close an open Chrome tab Using a Shortcut Key

  • To quickly close an open Chrome tab on Windows, Chromebook, or Linux, use the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut. Your tab will be closed immediately.
  • To close an open tab in Chrome on a Mac, use the Command+W shortcut.
  • If you want to close all Chrome windows, press Ctrl+Shift+W (Windows) or Command+Shift+W (Mac) (Mac).

If you accidentally close a tab, you can restore that tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T (Windows) or Command+Shift+T (Mac) (Mac).

Shut an Open Firefox Tab Using a Shortcut

  • On a Linux or Windows PC, you can close an open Firefox tab by pressing Ctrl+W.
  • The keyboard shortcut for closing an open Firefox tab on a Mac is Command+W.
  • A full Firefox window can be closed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+W (Windows) or Command+Shift+W (Mac) (Mac).

Tip: If you accidentally close an important tab, there are several ways to reopen closed tabs in Firefox.

Use a Shortcut to Close an Open Edge Tab

 Because Edge operates similarly to Chrome, you should use Chrome’s shortcut to close tabs in Edge.

  • To close an active Edge tab in Windows or Linux, use the Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut.
  • You can close an open tab in Edge on Mac by pressing the Command+W shortcut.
  • To completely close an Edge window, press Ctrl+Shift+W (Windows) or Command+Shift+W (Mac) (Mac).

Use a Shortcut Key to Close an Open Safari Tab

Safari, like other browsers, allows you to close open tabs with a shortcut key. This shortcut also works in Safari on iPad when a physical keyboard is connected to the device.

  • To close an open Safari tab, press Command+W on your keyboard. As an alternative, press Command+Shift+W to close your Safari window.
  • In addition, if you find yourself closing a necessary tab, you can restore closed Safari tabs in your browser.
  • Your searching speed will most likely skyrocket with the availability of a keyboard shortcut to close an open browser tab. Searching is a breeze!

Consider the advantages of using tab groups as your browsing skills improve.

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