What are Forex robots and where to get them?


Forex robots are programs based on artificial intelligence that execute trades. They analyze a market, looking for certain patterns and offering the most profitable decisions to traders. Forex robots are capable of buying and selling currencies without any manual interventions. They easily integrate with web brokers and different exchange platforms. According to the statistics, nearly 80% of successful trades are made automatically.

Forex robots are applied by both beginners and professionals since they remove a psychological component in this business. That means they diminish the effects of emotions and bias. One can set robots to trade automatically according to certain parameters. However, manual trading is also possible with this tool.

Forex robots can work 24/7, which is a huge advantage over traditional manual trading. They watch market trends round the clock without any pauses and make so many traders that any person would ever be available to do.

Forex robots are really easy to get on the Internet. For example, if you check the Forex Store, you’ll see a number of helpful tools for traders, including expert advisors and robots. However, this is not the only way to get what you need. You can download trading software from other reliable platforms. Just spend some time researching different options and select the one that fits your needs and budget best.

Some traders like saving money, so they use free tools only. They believe that there is no dramatic difference between free and paid options. But the experts say that it’s not really true. According to Forex consultants, your profit largely depends on the amount of invested funds. Hence, if you want to earn more, you must be ready to spend some money on a more advanced tool.

On the other hand, when you just start using Forex, it’s quite risky to invest much money at the very beginning. The truth is that you don’t know how it will go and whether it’s a suitable way of making money for you.¬† Maybe you will realize that you don’t like trading at all when it’s already too late and you’ve spent a great deal of money? To avoid this situation, you can begin with free versions of robots offered at https://forexstore.com/free-forex-robots and then consider purchases. As you gain experience, you’ll see that paid Forex robots are necessary to make a good profit.

By the way, their prices range dramatically from one company to another. Depending on the developer, Forex robots can be very cheap or extremely expensive. It’s believed that tools which cost less than $100 are not that reliable, so you must be quite careful with them.

Note that not all Forex advisors for the same price are equally good. Some of them function perfectly in one market condition, while being absolutely useless in another one. Typically, they are developed to trade specific assets according to a certain strategy. For instance, a tool for scalping won’t be effective in long-term trading. So before you purchase a tool, you must first decide what goal you want to pursue.

After that, you should backtest a program you’ve chosen in order to understand how it reacts to the market movements. Based on this, you can see if it will bring you profit. Ideally, backtesting takes 2-3 months. Luckily, you can do it by yourself using MetaTrader platforms.

Final thoughts

Automated robots send notifications about the most profitable trades based on accurate market analysis. A huge benefit of using Forex robots is that they absolutely diminish the personal element of trading. Unlike humans, they aren’t driven by emotions because the AI strictly follows pre-set rules.