What are the best free VIN check services?


VIN decoders are making the world a better place for car lovers. If you are also one of those smart people who perform VIN checks before buying a vehicle, we have created a list for you. 

This article will share some of the best free VIN check services that will help you perform a VIN check on all the vehicles from the leading manufacturers. The best part is you can find some exclusive services in this article designed for specific car manufacturers. It means you can get more in-depth reports than ever before.

So without taking more time, let’s get to the list and discuss these VIN check services.

  1. BMW VIN Decoder

BMW is one of the leading car manufacturers in the United States. However, a lot of people face difficulties in performing a VIN check on car models from this manufacturer. If you own a BMW and want to access its history records, you can do it using this VIN decoder.

The website is designed to make it easier for beginners and experts to perform a VIN. Thus, you will find the direct option on its homepage to access the records. Once you hit the search button, the website will show you a complete report with crucial data like unreported damage, theft records, accurate readings, and much more.

The most common use of this BMW VIN decoder is to check the recall history of a vehicle. If you think that the dealer is trying to sell a vehicle with a recall history, you can perform a check with this tool.

All you need is to understand how the report works. Once you figure you out, you can save a lot on every car deal you make in your life.

2. Chevy VIN Decoder

How can leave Chevrolet when it comes to the popular car manufacturers in the United States? This best possible VIN decoder offers the most reliable services to access history reports of a vehicle online. This is designed specifically for these vehicles to offer the most credible information.

Performing a VIN check on this platform is quite easy. You simply enter the VIN and hit the search button. It will create a report with four main categories including Accident history, Service history, Type of Use, and Ownership History. In these categories, you will find literally all the details you need to know about that vehicle.

The good thing is you no longer need to depend on car dealers to share the truth with you. Instead, you can go online and perform this lookup within a few seconds. 

If you are facing difficulties in finding the VIN of your Chevy, we recommend you check the registration documents, driver-side dashboard, or the spare tire area for more details.

3. Ford VIN Decoder

There’s no doubt that Ford is another famous car manufacturer in the United States with some of the best car models. This VIN decoder is a perfect choice for Ford owners or people who are interested in buying a Ford in the future. The VIN decoder works by decoding the number for you.

The platform asks you for the VIN and generates a quick report for you. This report contains all the information that you need to know about that vehicle 

You can also learn about the basic encoding of the Ford VIN on this website. For example, the first digit of the VIN represents the country where the vehicle was manufactured. Thus, 1 goes for the United States. After that, the alphabet F stands for Ford which means the vehicle was manufactured by Ford. Similarly, the other number carries the other details of the vehicle. 

When you perform a search, you can access some other records like theft reports, accident reports, service reports, etc. Thus, it is always better to perform this check before leading in a Ford vehicle.

4. Toyota VIN Decoder

Toyota is one of the most popular manufacturers in the affordable vehicle category. If you also own a Toyota, you must try this Toyota VIN decoder to access the records of any car model from this car manufacturer. 

Do you know you can check the past photos of your Toyota with this Decoder?

People who love to stay updated with all the records of their vehicles should definitely try this decoder. It does not matter if you are not the first owner of a vehicle as you can always check the past records to be sure. 

There are cases when people saved themselves from buying a vehicle with an accident history by performing a VIN check. The good thing is you get a direct report with the exclusive Toyota VIN decoder.

5. Mercedes VIN Decoder

Accessing the records of a Mercedes is the most challenging for some reason. However, you no longer need to worry about that complicated process as we have a new Mercedes VIN decoder for you. It will take you through a simple yet effective method of accessing the history reports of a Mercedes online. 

With the latest update to this tool, you can now check the theft records of the vehicle as well. Other records like service reports, recall reports, unreported vehicle damage, and safety information are also doing a great job.

Thus, you can trust this one for all your checks related to Mercedes vehicles. However, please know that you will need to know the VIN of your Mercedes before performing a check here. 

Tip: You can easily find the VIN by looking at the driver-side dashboard of your vehicle. 

Final Words

If you are someone who always finds it challenging to find vehicle records, you need these tools the most. The above 5 services are free to use and provide access to some accurate and credible information. Thus, you can check them out and use any tool you want. 

We also covered how you can find the VIN of any vehicle even if you can’t access the registration documents. So go ahead and find all the detail you want.