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WhatsApp now allows you to easily create your stickers.

by Yvone Kendi
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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is always doing something new, and the chat app has now added a new feature that allows you to create custom stickers on the web. It’s a new way to communicate with your friends and loved ones that sounds pretty cool and simple to use.

You can use images from your computer to create custom stickers in the WhatsApp web app. It’s simple enough to use that you don’t need advanced graphic design skills to create appealing stickers.

How to use the feature, 

  • Navigate to WhatsApp on the web 
  •  select the paperclip icon.
  • Then, select an image to upload by clicking “Sticker.”
  • Then, you can click the subject of an image to remove the background, and it will do so automatically.
  • You can then add Emoji, text, and other stickers to your personalized one.
  • You can crop the image as well, but it will always be a square.

For the time being, the new feature will only be available in the web app, but it will be available in the desktop version of WhatsApp within the next week. Perhaps it will make its way to the mobile version at some point, but WhatsApp has not officially stated that the custom sticker feature will be available on small screens.

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