Flat6Labs and ESLSCA partner on a student incubation programme.


Flat6Labs has launched a new innovation and entrepreneurship incubation program in collaboration with ESLSCA University to help undergrad students develop viable and sustainable businesses upon graduation.

The partnership was signed in October of this year, marking the start of the program for business students in the current semester. The goal of the program is to strengthen business undergrads’ capacity by providing them with basic information and tools that will enable them to produce competitive products and businesses.

Ramez El Serafy, CEO at Flat6Labs, added, “In addition to enhancing entrepreneurship education, this reinvented university acceleration programme will be a significant resource not only to the ESLSCA institution, but also to the community at large in innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, technology commercialisation, and regional technological and economic development.”

The 8-month incubation program is divided into two phases. In the first phase, 100 students will be divided into 25 to 30 startup teams and will be taught everything from general entrepreneurship to design thinking to marketing and customer discovery, as well as receive a variety of services and perks, such as expert-led training and coaching sessions, workshops, and mentorship from market experts.

Following that, the startup teams will be divided into two tracks. The TopX track will include 10 startups that will receive intensive entrepreneurial training in order to accelerate their growth over the next three months, while the Frontier track will allow the remaining 15 to 20 startup teams to expand their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

The program will conclude with a showcase event, during which startups will pitch their ideas and businesses to an ESLSCA and Flat6Labs panel.

ESLSCA took its first year of undergrad students in Egypt in 2019 and since then they have been offering accelerated, rigorous and innovative programmes that allow students to move forward in a successful career.

Commenting on the programme, Dr Mohamed El Essawy, BBA Programme Director at ESLSCA University said, “We’re very excited to be launching this programme with a partner that has such an extensive experience and track record in the entrepreneurial sector, both locally and regionally, such as Flat6Labs. At ESLSCA University, we take pride in readying our students for the modern business world in an unparalleled innovative manner, and with this programme, we believe we’re set to be the launchpad for the next generations of successful entrepreneurs.”