Which Industries Will See The Biggest VR-Influenced Changes


Which Industries Will See The Biggest VR-Influenced Changes

With the Metaverse looming on the horizon, changes are bound to happen quickly in many aspects of our lives. However, none may see bigger changes than the few industries we’ll be discussing today. 

While advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality will surely transform the world at large, we believe these businesses will see the most rapid and substantial alterations, so pay attention as some of this might just be affecting you. 

The global online gaming market is estimated to be valued at about $100 billion in 2023, and with help from VR and AR, those numbers could be drastically boosted. VR was expected to have a much bigger impact when the technology finally became available to the masses, but it can take a while for technology to establish itself.

Esports, an already booming industry, could finally get the respect it’s been looking for through AR and VR. As many have debated the phenomenon’s legitimacy as a sport, doubters will soon have to concede the physicality that will go into the activity. This will merge the intense speed and strength of conventional sports with the more strategic and hand-focused skill sets of esports to make something the world will have never seen but desperately wants to try. 

If these two worlds combine, the appeal will broaden to an even bigger viewership that not only wants to watch, but will also want to help the technology grow as they were there when it all started. 

Another area of gaming that is yet to properly make use of utilizing VR and AR is the online casino industry, but the popularity of live versions of games like roulette, blackjack, and poker is widespread. It’s in these live offerings we believe there’s room for growth.

What happens when games aren’t just hosted by live dealers, but they can all be played live under one virtual roof? When online casinos can merge the physical and digital world and people can actually walk through the front doors and sit down at a game(all from the comfort of their home), the game will be completely changed.

Sites known for their poker tournaments can be attended virtually in person and people can really sit down at tables together. This is also likely to be an area of opportunity for sites that offer bingo online as they will be able to have rooms full of customers all virtually seated next to each other. All of this and more would be possible from the confines of a person’s living room. However, current offerings range from traditional bingo to themed variants, including classics such as Deal or No Deal.

The worldwide adoption of VR also promises to change the medical field in a gigantic way as well. We’ve already seen a big movement to online checkups, but with the help of VR, doctors could visualize and diagnose illnesses using 3D technology.

Not only can it help doctors with their everyday efforts to assist people with their problems, but it can also directly help their patients. It seems that the technology has worked wonders in the pain management department, and one study even showed that usage of VR helped reduce discomfort in lower back pain and fibromyalgia patients. Not only does it help patients manage present pain, but it also helps take their mind off of impending pain like vaccinations or even occupy their mind during procedures that can take hours to complete. 

While prolonged use of the technology can make users feel ill, that can be fixed as the hardware ages and evolves. 

The effect this technology can potentially have on not just these industries but the world is promising to say the least. Within the next 5-10 years, we’re sure VR will have shaped the world in its own particular way. We just hope it’s every bit as immersive as we hope it to be without costing a fortune.