Mozilla Firefox Is Now a Better VPN Browser Than Chrome 


One of Firefox’s most notable features is multi-account containers. It’s even better now that you can use it to connect Firefox VPN to multiple servers while switching between accounts.

Firefox is leapfrogging other browsers in terms of VPN functionality by adding support for its Multi-Account Containers feature, as announced by Mozilla in a blog post. The ability to quickly switch between VPN servers makes Firefox an excellent browser choice for anyone who frequently connects to a VPN (specifically, Mozilla’s VPN).

You can configure each account to connect to a different VPN server. As a result, when you switch between accounts (or containers), the browser can automatically switch VPN servers (along with your accounts and everything else that changes with Multi-Account Containers).

If you are abroad and want to use a VPN to watch US Netflix but also want to look at something local, you can connect one profile to a US server and another to a server near your current location. That is only one example of how this could be beneficial.

You won’t be able to use this feature if Mozilla’s VPN isn’t right for you. However, there are a plethora of other excellent VPNs to choose from, and the best ones provide some fantastic features.