Home Tech has a darker dark option that is better suited to OLED displays. has a darker dark option that is better suited to OLED displays.

by Joseph Richard
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Users of the Google search page have had access to a new night mode that displays a completely black hue, which is better suited to OLED and AMOLED panels, for some time now. Users were able to try out the Dark theme for a short time before it vanished as swiftly as it appeared.

Only two appearance options are offered in the settings for many more users of the search page: a light theme and a dark theme, the latter consisting of a light gray display. Google has recently used A/B Testing (the distribution of a new version of the search engine to a small, random group of individuals) to suggest a new dark or night theme.

The advent of this completely black theme (its hexadecimal code is #000000), which was announced on the company’s Twitter account a fortnight ago, could allow for a more intense display and is suited for fixed OLED screens and AMOLED screens of smartphones.

Although the American behemoth has not specified a specific timeframe for the wider rollout of this dark look, if the testing are successful, we can expect it to appear on our search engines this year.

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