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How The Entertainment Industry Can Enhance Their Data Security 

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A new report suggests that the film and media industry has become a target for hackers. A few years ago, Netflix subscribers were defrauded through an email scam. The attackers reportedly stole credit card details and other personal information. HBO has also been a victim of a cyber-attack wherein criminals stole 1.5T of data. Cybercriminals use a host of means like impersonation, counterfeiting tickets, offensive statements, or launching data breaches. In 2018, more than 51% of entertainment firms experienced data theft. Let’s look at how the entertainment industry can enhance data security.
Create Backups
With data backups, employees can focus on core inputs rather than worry about data loss. This means that the IT team can secure files seamlessly. The size of the entertainment company doesn’t matter – one must establish how many backups to provide and the frequency of backups. This helps to build confidence in clients and those that interact with the company. Even better, users can exchange files and audit them to ensure their security. Undoubtedly, the storage solution should be free from downtime and human error.
Use Secure Encrypted Systems
Protecting the content in the entertainment industry is vital – it could have big ramifications for revenue. When trust is no longer static, this can give criminals a gate pass to access critical data. Secondly, confidential data should only be available to those who have the authority. That said, entertainment industries should deploy a multi-layered defense encryption system to enhance security. This can be done through multi-factor authentication to identify those trying to steal user credentials. Another strategy is to use federated learning – it enables actors to share data without privacy issues. With an encryption system in place, only the intended recipients can see the details.
Employee Training
The employees should be trained on how to recognize signs of an attack. Entertainment companies should know the procedures to follow if they suspect a security breach. Since there are lots of cyber security programs, one can choose personalized training. And rather than stick to one type of training, businesses can use a module that focuses on quizzes and experiments. Generally, training should be ongoing since cybercriminals continue to devise new skills. Don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of the training program. Whether the company relies on social media or blogs, one should make sure all the assets are protected.
Know Where The Weaknesses Are
Entertainment companies that understand cyber-attacks should take such threats seriously. Those that ignore the possibility of an attack should be willing to accept the risk. To reduce the risk of a data breach, one should monitor data leakage and what is available to the public. The security team should also know when the data breach is about to happen. This information helps to mitigate and control the attacks. Since the entertainment industry deals with sensitive matters, one should prevent the unintentional use of sensitive information.
Keeping data safe in the entertainment industry should be a top priority. When you put the right security measures, that guarantees customer loyalty and profitability of the organization. Additionally, entertainment companies should be aware of their brand and overall reputation. And because such things are dependent on fan royalty, one must have the right infrastructure in place.
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