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Coins Royal Review – The Trading World of The Future [Updated]

Most of us have entrepreneurial mindsets, however, we lack funds to set up our dream business. We often look for investment avenues to grow our hard earned savings only to settle for banks who offer bare minimum interest rates.

Most new age professionals are increasingly opting to invest their savings in the stock market. Previously, stock markets required physical presence, dealing with a broker over the phone and writing cheques to deposit funds.

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Now, due to the advent of new technology, stock markets have shifted online. Not just that, apart from stocks, there are a wide range of products to trade such as Forex pairs, commodities, precious metals, new age cryptocurrencies and even energy!

Most trading is done for contract for differences (CFDs). This means simply speculating on the particular stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies’ future prices rather than purchasing them entirely. This saves a lot of time and money for the investor as all you need to do is anticipate the future price of the product and profit from the difference.

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Online trading is done via electronic brokers also known as online trading platforms. These platforms enable the investor to set up an account, deposit a minimum amount and start building their portfolio accordingly.

Most online trading platforms offer competitive spreads and commission structures to grow their clientele. Most platforms have mobile applications enabling investors to trade on the go. Indeed, the future is here and now.

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One such platform is known as Coins Royal.

Coins Royal

Coins Royal is a platform dealing exclusively in not just Cryptocurrency, but also forex, indices, energy, raw materials and precious metals. With a trading platform that is built around the user’s experience, Coins Royal aims for all its clients to get the best of the both worlds!

A Deeper Look At Coins Royal

More Details about Coins Royal


Coins Royal is tightly regulated. They strictly follow Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations. Hence, client funds are safe from being used towards financing illegal activities worldwide.


Coins Royal utilizes two different platforms. A web browser based platform for your desktop or tablet PC and their Mobile application, downloadable for iOS and Android. They understand that every client has unique needs, therefore, users can decide which platform they prefer. The web platform is user friendly and easy to understand. Similarly, their mobile application is simple and quick to use. However, the mobile application does come with the downsides of clogging your phone’s storage and draining your battery. Whereas for the web based platform you will require a web browser to log in.

Trading Accounts

Coins Royal offers different types of trading accounts, each suited to unique client needs.

The downside is, you need to adhere to their minimum deposit level to set up your trading account, its not possible to trade without a deposit.

Additional Features

Safe and Secure

With Coins Royal, security of user information and funds is at the heart of their existence. Therefore, client data will never be sold to third parties and end to end encryption ensures client privacy is maintained at all times.

Margin Trading

With provision of access to peer-to-peer funding to all its clients, Coins Royal allows up to 5x leverage on trades.

Order types

Coins Royal offers a variety of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario using advanced Algorithms.

Final Verdict: Where Coins Royal Shines and Where it Falls Short

Best features

Coins Royal is overall a great platform for investors seeking to maximize the value of their savings within cryptocurrency, precious metals, Forex, indices, stocks and energy CFDs. Their different types of accounts based on individual investment needs allow freedom to access markets based on client liquidity.


You need to upgrade your minimum investment for a slightly better trade experience. This may not make Coins Royal the ideal choice for small investors seeking to enter the world of Crypto and other CFDs.

Further, the basic account type doesn’t offer an account manager so the risks of trading at that level are elevated.


James Musoba
James Musoba
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