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On Google’s Android app, here’s how to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history.

Google recently updated its Google app to allow Android users the ability to permanently delete the last 15 minutes of their search history. While incognito mode in your browser is better for extended private browsing, this function is a great alternative if you only need to do a few private searches. If the option to delete your history isn’t visible, go to the Google Play Store and update the app.

  • Open the Google Search app on your phone.
  • Make sure you’ve got the app open. The correct buttons will not appear when you open the Google Search widget.
  • To access the app menu, tap your profile image in the top right corner.
  • Delete the previous 15 minutes by tapping the Delete button.

You will receive a confirmation pop-up window after you have removed your history. It takes some time to delete queries, so don’t be anxious if they don’t go away right away.

There’s no going back once you’ve deleted the last 15 minutes of your search history. Make a backup of any key pages or new passwords you might require in the future.

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If you missed the 15-minute limit, you can still remove your browsing history manually. Simply long-press on a search and select the Delete option from the drop-down menu that appears.

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