Which SUVs are most secure on the market in 2021 & 2022


With the passage of time, the perfect definition of an SUV has kind of lost its form and has become shapeless. When somebody says SUV, then the basic definition that comes to our mind is that of a vehicle that is compatible with on-road as well as off-road utilities. Few SUVs get their design from regular cars, while some SUVs like Range Rover are inspired by trucks.

When it comes to transportation, people always expect cars and other vehicles to provide heightened safety. And talking about an SUV, it becomes a necessary factory because it is being more favored nowadays.

Many brand new vehicles get a 5-star rating for their safety mechanisms, and this acts as their qualifying parameter for getting chosen by the buyers.

Where previous times focused on the style of the car, in today’s time safety equipment and assistance have been kept a priority.

Along with all this, the design and structure of the SUV are really important in order to assure the safety of the people traveling in it. Here mentioned are some most reliable suv and crossover rankings that might help the buyer in making a wise choice.

A buyer always prioritises safety over design, so the list has been made keeping this in mind.

Mazda (CX-9)

Launched in 2016, this model has now reached its highest safety model, providing people with great safety assistance.

A few of its record-breaking features are:

  • All 7 seats consisting of warnings for seatbelt
  • Rear mechanism for auto-braking
  • Smart braking system
  • AEB i.e.autonomous mechanism and emergency braking system
  • Smart system for avoiding crashes while one is driving.

This model has a unique design that can easily provide space for mounting a child’s seat at the back. This feature enables maximum flexibility and space for travelers while handling kids.

Volvo (XC90)

With seat for around 7 people, this is Volvo’s largest and most famous model with undoubtedly one of the best security and safety systems. This is no surprise at all because Volvo is popular for its name in safe automobile brands.

Monitoring systems for the driver’s fatigue started with Volvo only. This became possible by keeping a check at the driver’s latest inputs and his activities and hence giving him an alert if he was about to doze off.

Not only this, these models contain cameras as well as seatbelt monitors for all the seats. In addition to all this, there are advanced security features to keep the vehicle in it’s own lane and not move sideways.

All the latest models come with an automated system for setting the speed to maximum and even a new driver would be able to handle it. Moreover, this model comes with its own class and elegance which adds to the charm of its owner.

Kia (Sorento)

This 7-seater SUV from Kia has evolved into one of the most unique and spacious wagons, particularly in its newest model, which came in around the year 2020. Even before this, these models had an amazing model for safety. For instance, the automated braking system first came in the year 2016, and just kept getting more hi-tech with passing years.

The other features of this model include:

  • fatigue monitor for the driver
  • departure warnings for lanes
  • adaptive control of the cruise

The versions named as V6 drive only on the front wheels and demand more fuel. In case someone wants to drive on all the 4 wheels, they need to choose 2.2 ltrs of 4-cylinders diesel, which even though does not have much power, but does makeup by the torque it provides, both in the on-road and off-road journey.

Audi (Q5 / Q7)

This model has always come with a special unique model as well as a feature that prevents crashes.

It’s features include:

  • Latest features of assistance for the driver
  • An automated emergency braking mechanism
  • Warning for blind spot

These features not only ensure the safety of the owner’s family but also make the Audi one of the most purchased and preferred SUVs.

Another convenient and unique feature is its Matrix LED headlights, which have a huge number of LEDs that can be started individually. This means that you can just turn them on and then stay tension free about the visibility on roads, especially in areas that lack light. This also lets the driver see clearly without getting distracted by the other vehicles.

A feature named as “Exit warning” has been invented by the Audi itself in order to provide warning signals just before opening the door of the vehicle. This can sense any kind of vehicle coming towards the car and send the signal to not open the door or to wait and then open it.

These models have had this warning mechanism since the very first model that had been launched in 2017. It also has the mechanism for automatic locking of the door to prevent it from opening till the outside vehicle has gone.

This vehicle comes with great driving manners and loads of hi-tech and advanced safety systems. Hence, it can be a perfect choice among SUVs.

Nissan (Patrol)

The Huge Nissan Patrol SUV is a great off-roader that can run on any kind of terrain. Along with this, the performance is also better than other SUVs.

The two elements which these models have in abundance are a huge size and the gigantic weight. This is one of the biggest SUVs that one would find in the entire market. It can hold up to 8 people and even feels heavy while driving it.

Along with this, it also consists of ample hi-tech assistance in order to have a safe drive on-road and off-road as well. The 360-degree camera had been pioneered by Nissan and is one of its unique features. Along with this, there are 4 external cameras that help to look and keep an eye on what is around the car.

Along with the normal airbags, there are side curtain airbags as well which improvise the safety level to one point higher.


All in all, the SUVs which would be the safest will have the features which will ensure the protection of the family inside. Their role is not just to protect the people inside it from getting hurt, but also preventing any kind of mishap.