Microsoft’s password manager introduces a new feature to create strong and unique passwords.


Microsoft Password Manager just got a new feature to create strong passwords and generate passwords automatically. Microsoft’s Authenticator app is now one step closer to rival services like Bitwarden.

The service hasn’t been as feature-rich as some of the best password managers, but this new addition of a password generator brings it closer in line. We’ve seen similar features in other password managers before, but Microsoft’s Authenticator app is the first to incorporate a password generator.

Microsoft Authenticator is a browser extension that works with your Microsoft account on Android and iOS apps, the Edge browser, and Google Chrome. It saves passwords and login information, and its Autofill features make signing into accounts across all of your devices simple.

The Authenticator app will alert you that it can create passwords for you if you’re creating a new account or changing your password. It will then provide you options for the password it will generate, including whether it will include letters, numbers, or special characters, as well as the length of the password.

If you want to create a new password manually, you can do so under the Passwords area of the Android app by hitting the Plus icon and selecting Generate Password. This feature is now accessible on both the Android and iPhone versions of the Authenticator app.