Fast X movie director quits amidst shooting, could cost the Studio up to $1 million a day


Just the other day, Universal Pictures announced the start of filming for the 10th instalment of the famous car action franchise, the Fast and Furious 10 officially dubbed ‘Fast X’. Apparently, the filming has hit a snag, Justin Lin, the director of the movie, has called it quits.

Justin Lin (left) with Vin Diesel

Justin Lin filmed movies three through six in the franchise and then took a break before returning to film movie number nine. He is credited for transitioning from the original tuner and street racing scenes to the current action format. He is also the man behind writing the initial script for the new movie together with Dan Mazeau. Just recently, he shot a video with Vin Diesel about how Fast X movie is “the beginning of an epic end” 

Lin’s exit was reportedly due to “creative differences,” although the split has also been described as “amicable”. According to sources who spoke with Variety, Universal Pictures having to replace the director in the middle of filming could end up costing the studio “upwards of $600,000 to $1 million a day.” In addition, the exit will introduce issues in rearranging schedules of the star studded cast of Fast X. Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa and Brie Larson are all high-profile actors linked to other franchises and projects so any major delays to the Fast X shoot would require shelling out money to retain them. 

Fortunately, the movie’s second unit team is continuing production in the United Kingdom, but the main unit is on pause until a new director is found. 

Universal Pictures hasn’t announced who will take over from Lin, the other directors who have been part of the Fast and Furious franchise are involved with other shoots so maybe they will introduce a new person. Lastly, it isn’t clear if the exit will lead to a change in the release date which was slated for May 19, 2023.