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Showmax Launches New Mode for Users to Enjoy Less Data.

Showmax,an African streaming service, has added a Max Data Saving mode that utilizes just 50MB per hour, allowing members, even more, control over how much data they use.

This feature is now only accessible on the iOS version of the Showmax app, but it will be available to Android users soon. Low and Data Savings settings, which use up to 300MB and 100MB per hour respectively, were previously introduced. The Maximum Quality setting, on the other hand, uses up to 1.4GB every hour to offer you the greatest possible picture.

“Showmax is designed for Africa: a mobile-first continent where the cost of data remains a barrier to streaming,” says Barry Dubovsky, chief operating officer, MultiChoice Connected Video.

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Toggle your data modes on your iOS mobile Showmax app by going to Settings – App Preferences and setting the video quality for both Wi-Fi and cellular. Alternatively, after you press play, click the Video Quality wheel icon below the video to set the quality that is best for you.

Showmax and Showmax Pro both offer mobile-only options at R39 per month for Showmax Mobile and R225 per month for Showmax Pro Mobile, which can be viewed on a single mobile device.

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Showmax is distinguished by its unique blend of African Originals and hit local shows, first and exclusive international series, popular movies, premium documentaries, and the best children’s shows. Showmax Pro includes SuperSport’s music, news, and live sports.

The Real Housewives of Lagos, Nigerian Idol, The Real Housewives of Durban’s S2 reunion, The Wife’s S2 finale, The Johnsons’ S11, The Girl from Plainville, Women of the Movement, and many more are among the upcoming May highlights. To see all of the interesting stuff, go to

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