Tesla plans to double Giga Shanghai factory capacity and expand Giga Berlin


A few weeks ago, Tesla officially opened Giga Berlin in the German state of Brandenburg. New reports are claiming that the company is planning to buy an adjacent piece to expand the factory further. The news follows a confirmation of the automaker’s plans to build a new plant in Shanghai, China to double its production.

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s most productive plant accounting for 51.7% of Tesla’s 936,000 global deliveries last year. The automaker said that the factory delivered 484,100 in 2021. Assuming the new factory will match the same output, Shanghai’s total capacity will grow to almost 1 million vehicles once completed. 

In a letter sent to local authorities from Shanghai’s Lingang Special Area, the EV maker mentioned plans to build the new factory on a nearby land but in the same area,

In Germany, Tesla’s new gigafactory currently occupies 300 hectares of land, it is surrounded by a pine forest. There’s still unused space on the land, it seems the company is saving that for future expansion.

Expansion area in red

According to a new report citing information from “official circles”, the company wants to purchase an additional 100 hectares of land, directly adjacent and to the east of the land it already owns. It also means the company will have to plant a new, equivalent forest somewhere else according to German regulations. 

The adjacent land belongs to the German state of Brandenburg but the purchase price was not revealed. However, if Tesla gets the same price as the one it paid for the initial 300 hectares, then the new plot of land would end up costing around €13 million. Processes of getting local approval for the expansion are said to start in the month of June.