Moroccan healthtech startup Blink Pharma secures first funding round for expansion.


Blink Pharma, the leading platform for managing transactions between healthcare professionals, has closed its first round of funding with the Azur Innovation Fund Investment Fund, which will be used to expand the company’s operations, including the launch of new healthcare products.

With a digital solution to streamline transactions between healthcare professionals (laboratories, wholesalers and pharmacists) to avoid bottlenecks, late deliveries or simply degraded service quality, startup Blink Pharma has raised funds for the first time with the Azur Innovation Fund.

The startup launched its marketplace in 2020, which not only allows pharmacists to send orders to laboratories and wholesalers, but also allows them to complete commercial transactions using a system that complies with Law 17-04. The platform also has a news and information section, and more than 3,500 pharmacists have already subscribed to use it.

Blink Pharma is also working on other digital products for healthcare professionals, in addition to this main product. These solutions are a response to barriers observed in this field, and they are based on the experience of Founding Directors Ali Sami, CEO, and Adil Bertul, CCO.

“We have the ambition to accelerate the digital footprint around healthcare services. We started our journey with the pharmacy to expand our services to the doctor and the patient. The healthcare sector is being profoundly transformed by digital technology and we want to support healthcare stakeholders in this transformation. We benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the scientific and regulatory environment. Still, as we come from the healthcare sector, we also have great respect for the ethical rules of the sector.” said Ali Sami, CEO of Blink Pharma.

“More applications are in the pipeline, always aiming to support healthcare professionals, we are proud to have convinced a major investment fund like Azur Innovation Fund, allowing us to realise the full potential of digitization in healthcare.”

 The Azur Innovation Fund is a Moroccan seed fund at the service of the Moroccan startup that aims to maximize the value for all stakeholders of the projects funded: shareholders, promoters, collaborators, industrial ecosystem, communities which is done through a smart capital enables approach that combines funding, mentoring, technical support and monitoring.