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Here’s a list of widgets you may add to your iPhone lock-screen with iOS 16

Apple’s newest software for its gadgets is already with us. We are now talking of the iOS 16, which succeeds the iOS 15 that was released in 2021. Individuals who have their hands on iOS 16 will benefit a couple of many novelties, one of which is the ability to benefit from adding widgets to their lock screens.

Widgets may be convenient for quickly accessing certain information without having to unlock your smartphone. With the release of iOS 16 towards the end of the year, the latter will finally enter the Apple ecosystem.

Apple introduced a major revamp of the iPhone lock screen system a couple of days ago when the WWDC event started, and it will end on June 10th, which is supposedly today. Many personalization options, such as choosing the clock font or changing the wallpaper many times within the same day, will be available in the latter, and all of this will be done automatically.

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However, the presence of widgets on the lock screen is most likely the most prominent new feature in iOS 16. Years after Android, Apple is now integrating these little interactive program extensions straight into the lock screen of its own devices.

The widgets will be separated into two groups, according to reports from our colleagues at MacRumors.First, some can be inserted above the digital clock and placed right below it.

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Above the digital clock, we have:

  • The Calendar widget shows weekday, date, month, and subsequent event
  • The Clock widget shows the time zone of the city and the next alarm
  • The Health and fitness widget shows activities scheduled and statistics
  • The Notes to Self widget shows what you are planning  to be done today
  • The stock exchange  widget shows the share price of various firms
  • the weather widget shows lunar events, solar events, conditions, location, rain, air quality, UV index, and Wind

The widgets that may be placed underneath the digital clock are as follows:

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  • The Lithium-ion batteries  widgets that show battery level when  you connect
  • The Calendar\sClock Widget
  • The House Icon with fitness center Widget which shows security, climate, and lighting status
  • The Breaking News Widget, which shows news of the day
  • The Reminder, Scholarship and Weather Widgets
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