iOS 16 can show that you are not a robot on websites


We learned today that iOS 16’s Mail program allows you to establish a more professional email address. However, this isn’t the only new feature that the operating system has kept hidden.

iOS 16 has taught us a bit more about it every day since its launch at WWDC. And the least we can say is that when it comes to the next edition of Apple’s mobile operating system, we are certainly not done with surprises.

The XDA Developers site uncovered a fresh discovery when going through the settings of iOS 16 beta 1. It doesn’t include emails, apps, or customization settings this time, but it does show the availability of an automated CAPTCHA verification option. Indeed, you may observe on your iPhone that iCloud will verify the captchas for you in an entirely confidential manner, saving you the time and effort of having to answer them yourself.

According to the MacRumors website, Apple operates this function via a “Private Access Token,” which allows Apple to recognize HTTP requests from genuine devices and persons without revealing their identity or personal information.

This feature is turned on by default in your smartphone’s settings, but it may be turned off anytime. It should be noted that it will also be accessible on macOS Ventura.