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Today On The TECH- tionary


Its easy to pass a tech story because one word doesn’t make sense to you, or your just too bored to look it up. So here is your tech dictionary of the day.

Some of the words that have been difficult for many but not for you who knows; we use some not knowing their meaning, lets take for example your phone

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  • HD Super amoled- amoled is display technology for use in mobile devices and television; it is used in addressing pixels or digital imaging. It is therefore responsible for an image’s clarity displayed by the latter. HD super amoled when the pixel count becomes more, meaning that no detail is left out. That’s why we find that some phones produce clearer and better photos than others.


  • iOS- This is a mobile operating system that was developed by Apple Inc and was purposely made for iPhone but it has also been included in the iPad, iPod, and others. The sad thing about Apple’s iOS is that is cannot be used by any other devices except for theirs (yeah, i know, typically Apple)


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  • Android- Android is more than just that robot with a face that appears on your android phone when make or receive a call. Android refers to an operating system that was created by Google and is used by most touch screen and smartphone. The Android operating system is an open source meaning that developers can make a different one for each phone, as well as which is what makes it different form iPhone OS.


  • Windows Phone-  This is a mobile operating system for smartphones that is the successor to Microsoft’s initial mobile OS platform that is more consumer market oriented.  unlike other smartphone that apps are on the screen the windows phone consists of a start screen which has tiles which link to apps and features. The bottom line is  that the start screen looks like Windows 8 software in a computer.
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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
Minding my own business is not enough for me that's why you will always find me minding Africa's Businesses as well as Technology and of course letting you know about it. Talk to me on [email protected]

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