This former Apple engineer explains why the original iPhone couldn’t copy and paste text


In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, a gadget that would forever alter the way we live. However, despite its groundbreaking nature at the time, this gadget oddly did not provide text copying and pasting. Almost fifteen years later, the riddle has been uncovered.

The mobile phone market has been significantly disrupted over the last fifteen years. What we now refer to as “smartphones” originated as an essential gadget for making calls outside the house, eventually becoming an authentic all-purpose item.

An ex-Apple employee revealed a new tale about the first iPhone on Twitter earlier this week. In the tweet,  Ken Kocienda explains why text copying, cutting, and pasting were impossible on the company’s first smartphone:

Sometimes there are hidden, perfectly reasonable motives for even the most bizarre actions. Due to a simple lack of time, the iPhone will no longer have access to a capability that is now inevitable (and essential).

The iPhone’s clipboard feature wasn’t added until much later by Ken Kocienda and his colleagues. An amusing incident emphasizes how priorities have shifted over a few years and how much water has gone under the bridges…