What you need to know about the new Apple TV and HomePod


Apple’s networked HomePod speaker and its Apple TV multimedia box were rumored to be merged into one unit in 2021, according to the first reports. The subject, however, quickly died down because the news at the time lacked any specific information.

However, the well-informed Apple journalist Mark Gurman came forward in April 2022 and added more fuel to the rumor fire with his purported details. Even though the data he disseminated appeared to fit, it will probably still take some time for the associations to become apparent.

 Indicating this is Mark Gurman’s most recent power-on newsletter, in which he predicts that the Cupertino-based company will first release updated versions of the Apple TV and HomePod on the market before a combination device appears.

The unknown is the reasoning for Apple’s decision to maintain the two devices as is. The networked HomePod speaker and Apple TV will get a more thorough fresh cell therapy, according to Mark Gurman, although this is already evident.

For instance, Apple plans to upgrade the A14 CPU and the RAM in its next multimedia box from 3 to 4 gigabytes (GB). The next tvOS-16 operating system would. It is said in the study allows for improved gaming compatibility.