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Kasi Insight Is Disrupting the Market Research Industry with The Launch of Dataset

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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 Kasi Insight, Africa’s decision intelligence company empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions with confidence has launched dataset, an innovative way to source, explore and visualize consumer data.

The company which is headquartered in Toronto Canada and Nairobi Kenya pairs its proprietary high-frequency survey capability with the latest advancements in statistics, data analytics and storytelling to inform better decisions on what Africans think, do and why.

“Kasi hub is a repository of datasets, a dataset is a summary of our interview responses that can be explored, visualized, and quickly actioned. For example, how did financial freedom meaning changed before and after COVID? Using the dataset called Banking – Financial Freedom, decision makers can easily plot the responses and change within seconds with 2 to 3 simple clicks” says Yannick Lefang, CEO & Founder of Kasi Insight.

Each time Kasi surveys consumers across the continent, the responses are analyzed, processed using the latest technology and transform to fit into the company data portal. Dataset is a digitally friendly representation of the survey data accessible online.

For decision makers who don’t have the time to review messy raw survey data, dataset is the fastest way to make consumer data talk.

 The company conducts over 10,000 monthly interviews across 20 countries in Africa and aggregate all consumer data into a data portal called Kasi Hub. 

Kasi currently has over 600 datasets available per country per region. To access, users need to subscribe to the Kasi Hub Portal.

 With over 120,000+ interviews conducted every year across 20+ African countries, Kasi is the largest aggregated and trended dataset on consumer changing habits, needs and aspirations. Its customers include the largest consumer facing companies in the world (FMCG, Food & Beverages & Financial Services).

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