Ford patents Maverick and Ranger electric pickup nameplates in the US and Europe


Ford has filed for trademarks in the US and Europe for electric versions of its smaller Maverick and Ranger pickup trucks following the successful launch of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup.

We are already witnessing the first signs that Ford is expanding its selection of electric pickup trucks now that the F-150 Lightning is in production and deliveries are increasing.

Ford has applied to the European Union Trademark Office in Europe to register the names “Maverick Lightning” and “Ranger Lightning” as trademarks.

Ford also recently filed trademark applications in the US for electric versions of the Maverick and Ranger under the names “Maverick Thunder” and “Ranger Thunder,” respectively.

Interestingly, the automaker also registered “F-150 Thunder” as a trademark with the USPTO last month.

Ford presently offers the F-150 Lightning as well as the smaller gasoline-powered Maverick and Ranger pickup trucks.

The Maverick is Ford’s newest and smallest pickup truck. The Ranger was previously a compact pickup truck, but Ford discontinued the nameplate between 2012 to 2019 before reintroducing it as a mid-size pickup.

Ranger is known as Ford’s worldwide pickup since it is sometimes the only consumer pickup truck Ford offers in markets outside of North America,