Nigeria’s Sendsprint launches in the UK for money transfer and gifting services to African Diaspora 


  SendSprint Technology Solutions, an innovative company that connects the African Diaspora to loved ones at home by enabling fast, simple, and hassle-free international transfers has launched in the UK with a service targeting the African Diaspora, which represents an estimated 1.7 million people across the UK.

 Sprint was founded by former Flutterwave strategy lead Damisi Busari and aims to be the transfer option of choice for the African diaspora. The company became incorporated in the UK in April 2022 and has a presence in Nigeria, and the US.

Speaking on SendSprint’s UK launch, CEO Damisi Busari said“We understand the connection that people have with their home countries and the importance of sending money and gifts home to support loved ones. SendSprint is about connecting the African Diaspora to loved ones at home by enabling fast, simple, and hassle-free international transfers, as well as an innovative gifting experience. This is a product for the African Diaspora, by the African Diaspora. All of us at SendSprint understand the multiple demands that Africans living abroad lead. Our service recognises and reflects this.

 The Launch was in partnership with Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payments technology company, who provides the infrastructure to enable Sendsprint to process cross-border transactions. 

The company’s products connect the African Diaspora to loved ones at home, and is introducing its Sendsprint money transfer service, and Sprint Connect to the market – a gifting solution which connects the African diaspora to retailers across the continent. 

At launch, SendSprint will offer three destination countries for senders including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. In the first 18 months, SendSprint is targeting 300,000 UK customers. The UK launch represents the first step in SendSprint’s international plans as it looks to expand into the United States and Canada in the coming months.

Sendsprint’s Send Money product, is a reliable and affordable solution which will solve a financial problem for the African diaspora by providing a flat fee experience of $5 for money transfers as opposed to a sliding scale from other providers, favourable exchange rates with real-time transaction monitoring and 24/7 customer service support.

Sendsprint’s unique gifting product, Sprint Connect, is designed specifically for the African diaspora. The company’s technology-driven product range is enabled by aggregator partnerships with over 3,000 retailers in recipient countries. Partner retailers include Shoprite, Game, Jumia, Filmhouse Cinema, St Nicholas Hospital and Healthplus pharmacies among others. The product enables customers to send gift cards to recipients in Africa, for day-to-day purchases such as groceries, fashion and beauty products and healthcare, reflecting the cultural nuance in how remittances are used at home

SendSprint’s product offering is enabled through a strategic partnership with one of Africa’s leading payments companies, Flutterwave, to facilitate cross-border remittances for the startup. SendSprint became incorporated in April and the company has established the UK as its international headquarters with a presence in the US and Nigeria. SendSprint has also applied for the necessary licensing through a regulated entity. 

“The UK launch represents a significant step for SendSprint as we look to expand and connect people across the globe to their homes in Africa. We have ambitious growth targets which will be supported by scaling up our team across both product and customer service.”  Busari said.