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The iPhone 14 Can Detect Vehicle Crashes, So a YouTuber Tested The Ability By Getting Into An Accident And This Is What Happened

iPhone 14

New iPhone 14 models were just released by Apple.

The crash detection feature was one of the features emphasized for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. If an accident involving the user’s vehicle is detected by the features, it will warn the user and automatically phone an emergency number. A YouTuber actually staged a car crash to test how the functionality functions.

TechRax, a YouTuber, smashed a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan into a group of used automobiles while mounting the new iPhone 14 pro to the front seat’s headrest.

Only when the gadget senses a car crash is the new Apple function expected to activate. Heck, this TechRax orchestrated the entire vehicle catastrophe. In a faraway location, he staged the collision using a remote-controlled automobile. And what do you know? The brand-new iPhone 14 Pro did identify the auto accident and dial the emergency number. The YouTuber crashes the car twice in his video. The incident involved a light impact for the initial round. He crashed the automobile faster in the following round.

During the test, the crash detection feature was enabled ten seconds after the collision. The iPhone 14 Pro began an alarm and flashed a warning to the user as soon as it detected the crash. A slider for emergencies also showed up on the screen, allowing people to either call for assistance or turn off the alarm. After waiting for the user to respond for 20 seconds, the device then automatically summoned emergency services.

How iPhone 14’s crash detection functions

In the iPhone 14 series, Apple is utilizing new sensors that can sense 256F force. The pressure generated by a crash is recorded by the new dual-core accelerometer and the built-in high-dynamic range gyroscope. While the user is driving, it evaluates the data and, in the event of an accident, connects the device to an emergency SOS service. The recently released Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra, which both contain comparable sensors, have the crash detection feature activated.

Users of the iPhone 14 can also set up their medical IDs on the device.