Google Pixel Buds Pro gets Software Update to Realize Five-Band EQ

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Pixel Buds Pro will now get a five-band EQ that is customizable after Google announced the rolling out of a new software update. The new update installs features that were lacking from the original release.

The rollout is expected to take about a week to reach all Pixel Buds Pro devices. Installation takes the devices to version 3.14. A user has to ensure make the Pixel Buds app on their phone is version 1.0.474476083 or up to date to get the update.

The feature obtained from stalling the new update include a five-band custom EQ to play preferred audio, and six presets tuned by Google’s audio engineers, in case you want to find a good setting quickly.

Once the settings have been configured, they will be kept on your Buds Pro no matter which device you’re listening from. The update also comes with controls for left/right balance as well as “general bug fixes and improvements”.