Google Pixel 8 Specs Revealed with ‘Wet Fingerprint’ Reader

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 Pro is coming next year but leaks have already revealed some of the features it may come with. A developer has given details of the technology of fingerprint reading and Qualcomm Ultrasound, which has also been used on Google Pixel G10, the code name for Pixel 7 Ultra.

Kuba Wojciechowski revealed that the same technology will also be used in the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro. Qualcomm’s new ultrasonic sensor enables the fast release of fluid and allows one to unlock the device even with wet fingers. Word also has it that this sensor will likely be adopted by the next generation of Google smartphones.

The smartphone will be powered by a third-generation tensor processor which will offer even greater results in terms of performance than its predecessor and support a faster recharge. Other features are yet to be revealed.