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Tingg by Cellulant Automates Payments for Petrol Stations in Ghana


Tingg by Cellulant is transforming the digital payments space in Ghana with its In-Store solution  which provides Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) with a single payment collection point across multiple payment options and channels, ensuring real-time settlement. This advancement allows OMCs in the country to reduce client queues at the till and boost customer satisfaction. 

Ghana has experienced remarkable growth in its mobile money market, with over 50% of the adult population having mobile money accounts, emerging as a leader in sub-Saharan Africa. However, despite this remarkable growth, making and receiving payments remains a major pain point for many businesses in the country operating at scale. For businesses, the obstacle lies in establishing individual connections with multiple payment methods from different card networks to mobile money service providers to gain access to online and offline payments from these various methods.

To address this challenge, Cellulant, launched Instore on its digital payments platform, Tingg, to enable businesses to collect payments from different payment options at the point of sale without the need for costly hardware or software.  

Eric Kortey, Cellulant Ghana’s General Manager, says, ” With Tingg, the OMCs can track and reconcile transactions more easily, reducing the risk of fraud and errors. This level of transparency and accountability helps to build trust between businesses and their customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, which is essential for business success. We power payments for businesses, enabling them to focus on their core business functions and growth. At Cellulant, we believe enabling businesses to collect and payout seamlessly is critical to the growth of the economies they operate in and Africa at large.”

Particularly for OMCs, where one company has multiple branches across the country and multiple tills in a single branch, the ability to offer a seamless payment experience has a decisive impact on revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Star Oil, Zen Petroleum, Glory Oil, Nick Petroleum, Petrosol, Shell (Vivo Energy), BF Petroleum and GTA (Groupe TransAfrica) are some of the OMCs Tingg by Cellulant is powering payments for in Ghana. Customers who fuel at these fuel stations can pay for their fuel via USSD, QR code or the Tingg App. In-store, Tingg’s offline payments solution is available in all the physical locations for these fuel stations requiring customers only to have a mobile device, and they can conveniently pay without using cash. For these OMCs, Tingg has increased its efficiency in collections and managing transactions by more than 50%.