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Everything you need to know about folding pushchairs

Given they are so small, newborn babies do seem to need a lot of large equipment, with prams about the biggest of all the things they require.

Many travel systems are so large they’ll have you asking the internet to ‘value my car’ as you hunt out a bigger set of wheels to accommodate your little one’s set of wheels.

One possible answer is simpler than you might think. Folding prams or pushchairs used to be the preserve of older children as they would require your little one to have sufficient strength to hold themselves upright. Now, they are more adaptable and some will even recline to take younger children.

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What are the benefits of a folding pushchair?

Folding pushchairs give you a lot more flexibility when travelling, whether that’s on the bus, in a plane or just popping out in your car at home. Many of them will collapse down to the extent that they take up a relatively small amount of room in the boot of a car, while some will even lie across the rear footwell.

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This then frees up huge amounts more room in your boot for all the other things that kids need. It might even mean you can stick with a smaller car, saving you even more money.

They are also handy for people that live in a town and spend a lot of time on public transport. There is little worse than standing in the pouring rain, waiting for a bus only for it to arrive and you are unable to get on because the space given over to prams is already full. A folding pushchair means you will get on that bus and get home earlier.

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At what age can children go into a folding pushchair?

Newborn babies need to lie flat for the first six months of their lives, as their spines are still developing, so the majority of folding pushchairs won’t be suitable for them.

This doesn’t rule them out totally, though, as some pushchairs will be compatible with a wider travel system so you can click on a carrycot or a car seat.

The other things to factor in when choosing your folding pushchair are where you are going to be using it and how often. If it is a temporary solution for popping around town then a cheaper option with smaller wheels will do, but if you are relying on it to be your only transport for your little one then it would be worth investing a bit more. If you’re heading off-road or over bumpy terrain then you will want to get something with bigger wheels too.

Below are a few to look at.

Bugaboo Butterfly – Best for tiny spaces

RRP: £395

The Bugaboo will fold down to a tiny space, even fitting into an overhead compartment on a plane. Therefore, It won’t have any trouble slotting into a small car boot.

You can even take the seat off and pop a car seat onto the chassis, too, if you get the right adaptors.

How small does it fold? 45 x 23 x 54 cm

What ages is it for? Six months to approximately four years old (max 22 kg)

How much does it weigh? 7.3kg

Ickle Bubba Globe Stroller – Best for carrying loads of stuff

RRP: £249

This Ickle Bubba has loads of clever accessories for storing the various things you need while out and about with a child. There’s a rain cover, storage bag, organiser, a quilted seat cover and a footmuff for colder days and a cup holder so you can take your coffee out and free up a hand.

How small does it fold? 45 x 25 x 55 cm

What ages is it for? Birth to approximately three years old (max 15 kg)

How much does it weigh? 6.4kg

Lejoux Baby Pushchair Stroller – Best for a smaller budget

RRP: 134.98

The Lejoux has several clever features that will be handy when you are preoccupied with a small child – you can fold it one-handed, and only need to press a single button to collapse it. It has a five-point harness but can be released with one single centre button. And it has an adjustable back so you can recline your little one when they want a nap while out and about.

How small does it fold? 66 x 48 x 98 cm

What ages is it for? Birth to approximately three years old (max 15 kg)

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