WhatsApp Launches New Mac App with Enhanced Group Calling Feature


WhatsApp has unveiled an updated version of its application for Mac users, complete with an array of new features, in a bid to further enrich the communication experience for its users. 

Building on the success of the recent Windows desktop release, this new app introduces improved group calling capabilities and a redesigned interface tailored for Mac devices.

One of the standout features of the new WhatsApp app for Mac is the inclusion of group calling, which was previously unavailable on this platform. 

“Users can now initiate video calls with up to 8 participants or opt for audio calls with as many as 32 participants. This enhancement is expected to cater to both personal and professional users, enabling seamless virtual interactions on a larger scale,” noted the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform in a blog post.

Furthermore, the app allows users to join group calls even after they have commenced, adding an extra layer of convenience. 

The call history feature permits users to revisit their past calls, facilitating easier tracking of important conversations. 

Notably, the app has been designed to provide incoming call notifications even when it’s not actively running, ensuring that users don’t miss any important calls.

The redesign of the application specifically for Mac users emphasizes familiarity and usability. 

This optimization aims to streamline productivity for users utilizing WhatsApp on larger screens, resulting in a more efficient experience. 

Additionally, the app now enables a simple drag-and-drop method for file sharing within chats, a feature that’s expected to simplify information exchange for users.

The company has highlighted the commitment to privacy and security by emphasizing that the end-to-end encryption that users have come to rely on remains a cornerstone of the Mac app. 

“This means that messages and calls will continue to be protected from unauthorized access, reinforcing the trust that users place in the platform.”

The application can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website and is also slated for release on the App Store shortly.