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How to Determine If Your Phone Has Been Tapped.

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Your cell phone may have been tapped.

Some indicators that your cell phone has been tapped include:

  • Unusual Call Sounds

Your calls may be being recorded if you hear a high-pitched hum, pulsating static, clicking, or beeping. Call-forwarding may have been configured without your consent, or the device may include malware that records phone calls. A weak signal may need to be fixed if you occasionally hear strange noises, but if it occurs frequently, examine your phone.

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  • Your phone overheats and your battery drains

Does the battery on your phone suddenly drop and it heats for no apparent reason? This may occur if you spend a lot of time playing video games or streaming videos. However, if it’s taking place when your smartphone ought to be idle, it might be malicious software that’s constantly sending information back to whoever is tracking your phone. Check your phone’s settings to determine which applications are consuming the most battery life. 

  • Websites don’t seem as they should.

Some malware can enter your browser by presenting you with a false web page that appears legitimate and then capturing your login information when you submit it. This type of phishing fraud is widespread because social engineering techniques are effective. Close the page if the website you’re visiting behaves oddly or appears different from how it did before.

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  • You Can’t Turn Off Your Phone

Your phone may be being tapped if it is having problems shutting down. Check to verify whether the backlight remains on even after the phone is turned off or if shutdown efforts are unsuccessful before completely turning off your phone. Another indication of danger is a random shutdown or reboot.

  • Strange Text Messages

Text messages that are mostly gibberish or have suspicious links may indicate that spyware was improperly installed on your device. The program is trying to send instructions to your apps and instead are coming through as SMS messages. 

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  • Hijacked Cameras and Microphones

Keep an eye out for erratic camera or microphone activation. Your phone may have been compromised if the camera light comes on even though you haven’t opened a camera-related app. Always look further since certain bad software enables hackers to access your camera even when the light is not on.

  • High Data Use That Is Inexplicable

Spyware and malware can consume a significant amount of data on your device since they frequently send information back to the hacker. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, exceeding your typical data usage may incur extra charges. At the end of the billing cycle, check your phone statement to see whether prices have increased suddenly.

On an iPhone, navigate to Settings > Cellular to view your data consumption. The same choices are available in the Network & Internet or Connections settings for Android users. Additionally, you can program your phone to alert you if your data usage exceeds a predetermined limit.

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