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Procedures for driving cars with foreign license plates are outlined by KRA and NTSA.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), in partnership with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), alerts owners of foreign private motor vehicles operating in Kenya to the following requirements for application of Temporary importation of Road Vehicles and Foreign Permits authorization effective December 15, 2017. These requirements are outlined in the East African Community Customs Management Regulation (EACCMR) 2010, (Regulations 136 and 137) and the Traffic Act, Rule 7A (3).

The temporary importation of road vehicles form (Form C32), which is issued at the border station, is required before the foreign operator from an East African Community (EAC) or Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) country can receive entrance authorisation.

In order to receive a Form C32, a person MUST:

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  • Possess foreign identification and be foreign 
  • if you are a Kenyan, have a current work permit or proof of residency.
  • be listed in the foreign motor vehicle registration book.
  • if the driver is an agent of the owner, possess a current Power of Attorney or permission to operate the vehicle from the Motor Vehicle Owner.
  • A diplomat’s ongoing diplomatic status must be attested to. Also required is evidence that the person holds a diplomatic position, such as a legitimate diplomatic identification.

Anyone from the EAC or COMESA who lacks these documents will not be given a Form C32 or permitted to drive a foreign-registered car locally; additionally, any such car driven without the aforementioned documentation will be seized.

A valid International Circulation Permit from Country of Origin (Carnet de Passage en Douane) or Pass Sheet issued by their Country of Origin is required before a foreign operator from a country outside the EAC or COMESA countries may receive entry approval. It it be possible to utilize this Carnet de Passages en Douane in Kenya. Additionally, he/she MUST offer the following:

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  • Foreign identification
  • Proof of residency in the foreign country, if Kenyan.
  • Have the foreign Motor Vehicle Registration Book in his/her name.
  • Have a valid Power of Attorney or authorization to operate the vehicle from the Motor Vehicle Owner, in case the operator is an agent of the owner.

A foreign-registered motor vehicle cannot be entered by a person without these documents, and any such vehicle that is operated without them will be seized.

An operator of a foreign motor vehicle must submit an application for a foreign motor vehicle permit in addition to having a Form C32 or an International Circulation Permit from Country of Origin (Carnet de Passage en Douane).

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In order to apply for a foreign permission, a person will need:

  • A valid Form C32 or an endorsed valid International Circulation Permit from Country of Origin (Carnet de Passage en Douane)
  • COMESA Certificate of Insurance
  • An online account on eCitizen which will be used to make the application.

The initial application for the Foreign Permit will be done upon entry into the country and will be issued based on the following categories: –

  • A paid up foreign permit, valid for a month, will be issued to vehicles on tour in Kenya with an International Circulation Permit from Country of Origin (Carnet de passage en douane).
  • Only vehicles entering Kenya with a Form C32 will receive a free temporary permit valid for fourteen days at the entry ports.

Without a Form C32, Carnet de Passage, and Foreign Permit in the owner’s possession, no vehicle will be permitted to leave a Customs Border Station.

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