Volkswagen ID. GTI electric car to come with engine noises and gas-powered drive experience

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In response to enthusiasts’ complaints about the absence of driving sensation in electric vehicles (EVs), Volkswagen introduced fully adjustable driving profiles via the GTI Experience Control system in the ID. GTI Concept, as well as false engine sounds.

Despite the breakthrough developments of electric vehicles, some drivers still frown upon them due to the lack of visceral sensation that regular gas-powered vehicles provide. Volkswagen intended to bridge this gap with its ID. GTI Concept’s GTI Experience Control system. This system was created to provide the electric vehicle a driving experience similar to the classic ’76 Golf GTI.

“We want to make it agile, really direct and so you can feel the road with the damper settings. It’ll be fast but smooth and it’ll need more power than the ID.2 All,” said Gruenitz R&D boss. It will be matched with an electronic differential to boost handling.

Gruenitz said that the production ID. GTI would not include the fake gear shifts that other automakers have used in their performance EVs, such as Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N. Instead, Volkswagen will concentrate on other aspects of the model’s driving experience, such as lowering the center of gravity and reducing the weight of the battery pack.

As of this writing, no performance numbers had been provided. However, as the VW R&D boss noted, the ID. GTI should have more oomph than the 223 horsepower of the ID.2, on which it is based. The EV will be a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle, similar to the well-known VW Golf.

It will be a while before the performance EV hits the roads. The production version of the VW ID. GTI is slated to debut in the next three years.

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