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How to Apply for a Lipa MdogoMdogo [2023] 

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Too many offers have been made to Safaricom’s subscribers. With the help of Safaricom’s premium buy service, LIPA MDOGO MDOGO, customers may now get 4G smartphones of their choosing with just a deposit and the remaining price to be paid in convenient 12-month installments.

The aim of Safaricom, in collaboration with Google, is to enable customers of 2G and 3G phones to upgrade to 4G phones for as little as sh.20 per day. Users of Safaricom who sign up for this financial plan, pay the needed deposit, and subscribe will receive the phone of their choosing right away.

Additionally, you have the option to pay once, weekly, monthly, or every day.The higher purchase finance for this safaricom service means that the final payment will exceed the phone’s current purchase price.

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Safaricom offers Techno, Neon Ray, Samsung, Nokia, and Itel under the lipa mdogo mdogo plan. The phones here need a deposit as well as daily installments. To use this service, subscribers must be qualified.

User requirements for lipa mdogo include the following:

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  • The smartphone you currently own should support 2G or 3G.
  • You need to have good credit and not be on CRB’s blacklist due to outstanding loans.
  • You ought to be at least 18 years old.
  • You ought to have a one-year subscription to Safaricom.
  • Safaricom customers, including M-Shwari, Fuliza, and Okoa Jahazi, should not have missed payments on any loans.

Users who meet the requirements can choose to participate in this service by using the USSD code *544#. This will enable Safaricom users to review their offers according to the terms specified.Customers that are successful can use the service, pay a down payment, and have the option to pay the remaining debt in 12 months. Users of Safaricom who consistently pay Sh20 each day would have to pay off the balance in nine months. 

In order to sign up for lipa mdogo mdogo, Safaricom customers can now register the service using their Safaricom line. This is the procedure for registering;

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  • Select option 8 lipa mdogo mdogo by dialing *544#.
  • Go over and agree to the service’s terms and conditions. 
  • You will receive an SMS from Safaricom indicating your eligibility.
  • The SMS message will list the devices that are available and their prices if you are eligible for the program.
  • From the list, you can select a phone that suits you.
  • Use your M-Pesa to pay the necessary deposit. 
  • Following payment, the phone is available for pickup at any nearby Safaricom customer service location.

Through the phone, registered users can now manually pay for the call by dialing *544*5# and selecting a different user or themselves. By scheduling payments using *544*5#, users can now have Safaricom deduct daily, weekly, or monthly installments. 

When there is insufficient funds in your mpesa account to cover the automatic deduction, you will receive a text message asking you to make a manual payment. You cannot utilize the Fuliza overdraft service to pay for these phones. Safaricom will automatically deduct the amount from your mpesa account and cease on the last installment.

With the bundle of offers that comes with Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, subscribers are urged to make incentive daily payments. Safaricom will reward you with 100MB of free YouTube packages if you make consecutive payments for seven days.

Safaricom will remind users to make payments three times a day if they don’t pay for the phone. After four days, Safaricom will limit the device’s use for users to its daily installment plan by locking it.

Subscribers to this service will notify Safaricom through customer care contacts of any stolen phones, and Safaricom will lock the device and make efforts to locate it right away. The subscriber will, however, keep making monthly payments for the remaining sum until it is settled.

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